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The collections

Jewelry, even the most discreet, is a strong medium. Earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets distinguish us, give us style and convey emotions. The Angèle Brousse jewelry collections are thus imagined as life partners who accompany us in great moments as in everyday life. A certain art of living and a desire to give meaning to objects, which are re fl ected in all the pieces designed by Angèle Brousse.

Rebel elegance and glamor

The brand was born from the fusion of a refined and seductive design and a contemporary touch, that reflects the elegance and modernity of a woman today.

Echoing the vintage pieces from the 1900s, Angèle Brousse plays with the fine lines and gold micro-pearled details, revisits the angular shapes of stars and crosses, visualise and designs jewelry with great attention to detail. By the finesse of their execution, they can be described as a “second skin” jewelry.

The notion of transmission is essential when purchasing a piece of jewelry: this is why its collections, with their timeless style, are designed to live several lives over generations.

Design & Manufacturing

In 18k gold, Angèle Brousse jewelry is topped with fine or precious stones such as diamonds: the designer’s favorite stone for its purity, its unparalleled radiance and its symbol of eternity. Each piece of jewelry is designed by the designer, then meticulously produced by expert hands in a traditional RJC (Responsive Jewelry Council) certified workshop, which Angèle Brousse shares with other major jewelry brands. This certification ensures compliance with the RJC Code of Responsible Practice.  The member companies – in the jewellery sector – are committed to promoting ethical responsibility, human rights, social and environmental practices in a transparent and responsible manner, and this throughout its gold and diamond supply chain, from the extraction of materials to the sale of jewellery.

Angèle Brousse - Bague Paradis shiny


Inspired by a family of multidisciplinary artists, Angèle Brousse grew up in the midst of paintings, sculptures, musical instruments and jewelry. Her roots give her a freedom of spirit and an energy that she shares today in her jewelry. In parallel with a career in communication in Paris, Angèle traveled, discovered, observed and settled for a few years in Mexico. Full of sunshine, imbued with colors and creative desires, she then returned to France and followed her instinct by joining the School of Fine Arts. A childhood dream that led him to imagine his first jewelry in 2018 and to launch his brand the following year.

In my family, women have always been a model of elegance and refinement to me. Their jewelry, often passed on from mother to daughter, is much more than accessories. They accompany them every day and are part of their identity. In my turn, I wish to make my contribution by proposing fine and current pieces which underline the style and the personality of each woman.

Angèle Brousse